Is Eastwest For You?

As you consider whether God is leading you into cross-cultural work or ministry and wonder if we are part of your journey, we invite you to consider a few things before you fill out application forms.

Share with someone

It is worth opening the discussion with a trusted elder or other mature Christian as they can pray with and for you. Ask them to give you input which, even if you don't agree, can really help to clarify your own thoughts and direction

Most long-term cross-cultural workers are supported by interested individuals and fellowships and if this is to be the case for you, it is better that they walk as much of the journey with you as possible. Even as you have questions and explore the way ahead, involve them in this phase.

Write down your thoughts and experiences

As you experience God awakening your heart to the nations (or to one nation in particular) start a diary or journal and make note of what He is saying to you and what your response is. This is your adventure with God and it will be exciting to look back on how it started and reflect on how God has led you over the years to come.

Get in touch with us

We would be excited to be praying for you as you look for God's guidance and explore our part in the journey. Ask about life at the college, the experience of students and anything that isn't answered in the website. Give us a call or drop us an e-mail and we will do our best to answer your questions and assure you we will pray for you.

Come and see us

If you have the time and you live in New Zealand, come and see us! Sit in on a class, have lunch with us, join us for worship in the morning - get a feel for the place and the people that make up Eastwest College.

Graduate pathways at Eastwest College

The purpose of our Diploma in Intercultural Studies programmes is to provide churches and Christian agencies with people who are able to deliver Christian ministry programmes in the cross-cultural settings both in New Zealand and overseas in not-for-profit organisations. The programmes are intended to give a broad understanding of Christian Theology, the Christian Bible from cross-cultural perspectives and intercultural skills in the following areas: language learning, cultural anthropology, pastoral care, leadership, interpersonal skills or communication and competencies. A summary of graduate pathways at Eastwest College.

"OK! I'm ready for Eastwest!"

Maybe you've been thinking about this for some time and you'reĀ ready to move to the application stage.