Diploma in Intercultural Studies (Level 6)

Since February 2019 the college has been approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to deliver the programme: The Diploma in Intercultural Studies (Level 6). 'Level 6' qualifications in New Zealand are generally deemed to be equivalent to the second year of undergraduate study. It is 120 credits which in New Zealand is equivalent to 1,200 hours of study, both classroom and self-directed.

This diploma programme will normally be completed over two semesters (1 year full-time). The programme offers cross-cultural ministry experience together with academic subjects delivered in 7 courses. The programme is registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority [Reg no. 2773].

The place of this level 6 programme in the college's study pathway is as follows:

  • The Diploma in Intercultural Studies (Level 5) programme leads into the Diploma in Intercultural Studies (Level 6). 
  • The Diploma in Intercultural Studies (Level 6) can be cross-credited towards undergraduate degrees in Theology or Christian Ministries at certain colleges both in New Zealand and overseas.

A summary of the curriculum of the level 6 programme can be found here.

For more details click on the individual course names below:

Subject Level Credits  
Biblical Interpretation
Ministry Leadership and Facilitation
Christian Theologies and Worldview
Contemporary and Historical Ministry
Personal Faith and Professional Development
Planting: Establish Christian Communities
eXCeL: Intercultural Leadership Skills Development