The Chee Memorial Library is the academic library of Eastwest College. The 490 sq m. library holds about 17,650 titles represented by 23,000 copies of books, e-files and audio-visual media resources. Study areas, study carrels and computer access for students are also provided without extra charge. The library currently holds about 40 printed journal titles with archives. Access to online journal and magazine databases is provided in the library and to enrolled students' own computers. The list of online journals currently available is given here.

The library’s collection is a modern one, and is aimed primarily at the coursework needs of the student body, and is predominantly cross-culturally focused in its collection policy. The library is catalogued on an Access-It system database. The library’s collection is expanding rapidly.

The library is available for use by visitors on payment of a small annual fee.

Librarian: Mark Budenberg, B.Sc., B.D., DipILS